Датчик процесса Keyence GP-M001

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Model GP-M001
Rated pressure -100 to +100 kPa
(-1 to +1 bar)
Possible display range -120.0 to +120.0 kPa
(-1.200 to +1.200 bar)
Zero-cut pressure value ±0.5% of F.S.
Burst pressure 1.5 MPa (15 bar)
Display resolution 0.1 kPa (0.001 bar)
Fluid type Gas or liquid that will not corrode the liquid contact part
Type of pressure Gage pressure
Precision ±1.0% of F.S. or less*1
Repeatability ±0.3% of F.S. or less*2
Temperature characteristics ±0.6% of F.S./10°C
Connection diameter G3/4 (Changes to the R male 1/8, R male 1/4, R male 3/8, G female 1/4, NPT male 1/8, and NPT male 1/4 option adapters are available.)
Box rotation angle Maximum 330°
Medium temperature -20 to +100°C (no freezing/condensation)*3
Power supply voltage 10-30 VDC, Ripple (P-P): 10% max, Class 2 or LPS
Current consumption 50 mA or less (when 24 V: 32 mA or less, when 12 V: 48 mA or less. Not including load)*4
Display method 4 column, digital LED, red/Vertical inversion display possible
Operation display light Operation indicator (output 1) (orange), Operation indicator (output 2) (orange)
Hysteresis During hysteresis mode: variable (Difference between switch-on point and switch-off point is hysteresis)
During window mode: fixed (0.5% of F.S.)
Response Control output Selectable from 3 to 5000 ms
Analogue output As above + 2 ms (90% response)
Output Output 1 control output NPN/PNP open collector (Selectable), Max. 250 mA (30 V max)
Main unit residual voltage 1 V max, N.O./N.C. selectable
Output 2 replacement type Control output
Analogue output 4-20 mA, maximum load resistance 500 ? (When the electric voltage is more than 20 V)*5
Environmental resistance Enclosure rating IP67
Pressure resistance 400 kPa (4 bar)
Ambient temperature -20 to +80 °C (No freezing and no condensation)
Relative humidity 35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)
Vibration resistance IEC60068-2-6 20 G (10 to 2000 Hz, 2 hours each in the X, Y, and Z axes)
Shock resistance IEC60068-2-27 50G (11 ms, 3 times for each of X, Y and Z direction)
Material properties Port/diaphragm Pressure port: SUSXM7, Diaphragm pressure port: Al2O3 (Alumina), O ring: FKM
Other parts Housing metal portion: SUS304, SUS303, Housing plastic portion: PPSU, Air hole: PTFE, nickel-plated brass.
Applicable cable M12 connector 4 pin
Weight Approx. 150 g
*1 This is the value when considering linearity + hysterisis + repeatability in a stable environment of 23°C.
*2 The repeatability, based on consistent conditions, is the difference in the detection points at the time of fluctuations in the repetition.
*3 When the temperature of the piping exceeds 80°C, do not connect the cable.
*4 Consumption current including output is 0.6 A and under.
*5 The maximum load resistance R will be the values below in response to the electric voltage E. When 10-23V: R = {38 x (E-10) + 128} ? When 23-30V: R = 622 ?


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