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Считыватель штрих-кодов Keyence BL-N70RKE

Light sourceTypeVisible red semiconductor laser (Wavelength: 650 nm)
Output40 µW
Pulse duration1.5 ms
Laser classClass 1 Laser Product (IEC 60825-1, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10*1)
For KEYENCE products
Supported codesJAN/EAN/UPC (A, E), CODE39, CODE128/EAN128, NW-7,
CODE93, ITF, 2of5, RSS-14, RSS-14 Truncated,
RSS-14 Stacked, RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirection,
RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS Expanded Stacked
Scanning rate72 scans/sec
Reading distance0 to 177 mm (When narrow bar width is 0.66 mm)
Minimum narrow bar width0.125 mm
Number of readable digits40 digits max. (CODE128, CODE-C: 80 digits)
Wired communication unitConnector shapeD-sub 9-pin (Female)
EMIEN 55022, Class B
RatingPower voltage5 VDC ±5 %
Current consumption250 mA or less
Environmental resistanceAmbient light4,800 lux
Operating environmentNo dust or corrosive gas present
Ambient temperature0 to +40 °C
Relative humidity35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)
WeightApprox. 101 g
*1 The classification is implemented based on IEC 60825-1 following the requirement of Laser Notice No.50 of FDA (CDRH).

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